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New Beginning

I’ve been blogging with wordpress for over 2 years and it’s time for a little change. If you’d like to visit our family’s new space, you can visit us at Calling It Progress! The posts here will be left up for awhile, but … Continue reading

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This Week

Last week we finished up swimming lessons for the summer and t-ball wrapped up on Saturday. Before swimming lessons Ender was more than reluctant to get in the water. His big fear was wrapped up in putting his face in the … Continue reading

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July Daybook

Outside my window… Bright sunshine and far more humidity than we care for. We’ve been at the pool for swimming lessons again every morning this week and even though it’s before 10 a.m. all the adults are crammed under the … Continue reading

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The Basics

I’ve been stewing for the last however many months now about Kindergarten and the “official” beginning to our home school- at least as far as the state is concerned.   I’ve worked to foster a lifestyle of education and a … Continue reading

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Finally jumping in with Ann Voskamp who encourages me in a million ways . . . 1. My husband, who works so very hard for our family. 2. Ezra’s smile that starts the moment his little eyes open in the morning. 3. … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes

  ~1~ This weekend is the big birthday weekend for a brand new three-year-old! Ezra has walked around all week announcing his new status to everyone who will listen. Grocery store? Library? *Everyone* knows how old this boy is! ~2~ We’re also … Continue reading

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  I’m the same now as I was when I was 15.   Except for the fact that my whole life is completely different from then, essentially I am exactly what I was at 15. I needed time to myself and … Continue reading

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