July Daybook

Outside my window…

Bright sunshine and far more humidity than we care for. We’ve been at the pool for swimming lessons again every morning this week and even though it’s before 10 a.m. all the adults are crammed under the one beach umbrella for just a bit of shade. Even Ezra just sits there during the class because playing is just too much work.


I am thinking…

about our fall schedule already. Work schedules will change again then and we need to make decisions about whether or not to add extracurriculars for the boys to that pace.


I am thankful for…

An extra day off this week. That means more project time with the boys, more knitting for me, finishing reading The Reluctant Dragon together, and just hanging out. (And maybe some blackberry tarts in there too . . .)

Always Learning…

We started working on our alphabet notebooks this week and Ender started a math journal for part of our daily work.

Ender has spent the last week or so making books. He illustrates several pages and adds text to some, then staples the group together. He has a nice collection going on our reading shelf.

Ezra received a few new puzzles for his birthday so he’s been using those every day this week. In his artwork he’s been making a real effort to make specific shapes, so that has been fun to encourage and watch.

From the kitchen…

We picked quite a few blackberries with Grandparents last weekend so we’ve had quite a lot of blackberry cobbler around here this week.

I am wearing…

Khaki shorts, a blue t-shirt and my hair pulled up. I’m still blazing hot.


I am creating…

Baby things. In the last 2 weeks I’ve made two little baby hats and two pebble vests. I’m currently on a third baby hat and have plans for a cute little sweater for a friend’s baby due to arrive in early October.


I am going

to finish working on our fall semester units this week. I have a little bit to put together for the 2ish weeks before Christmas, but that’s just about it!

I am reading…

Naamah’s Curse by Jacqueline Carey, re-reading Real Learning by Elizabeth Foss and still working through Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper.


I am hoping…

To get the basement storage room re-sorted. I know there are at least 2 boxes of books that I need to get to, and they weren’t even close to where I thought I put the books. This time I’m thinking some seriously detailed labels are necessary.


I am hearing…

 The quiet of rest time.

Around the house…

I finally caught up on vacation laundry- we took turns with a stomach virus over the last 2 weeks and that put a little delay in getting everything done. But finally I’m all caught up! Now if only I could find my desk . . .

One of my favorite things…

reading aloud with the boys at the end of the day.


A few plans for the rest of the week . . .

General cleaning, t-ball this weekend, and a lot of staying cool (and maybe popsicle making and eating to help with that!)

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2 Responses to July Daybook

  1. gardenbug says:

    What became of your vegetable gardening this year? We had lots of asparagus early on, and now are getting zucchinis. Basil and chives are growing well, and eggplants, tomatoes and beets are yet to come. Later on, raspberries!

  2. violingirl says:

    Not much, sadly! We’ve had a handful of carrots and that’s IT. I’m going to try again with some spinach and broccoli later in the season when it starts to coold own. My tomatoes never did pick up, but my mom’s are doing well so she’s passed a few our way.

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