Seven Quick Takes



This weekend is the big birthday weekend for a brand new three-year-old! Ezra has walked around all week announcing his new status to everyone who will listen. Grocery store? Library? *Everyone* knows how old this boy is!


We’re also celebrating an upcoming birth this weekend My sister-in-law A is due at the end of the month with her first child, a little boy. We’re having a little get together to celebrate and help her prepare for his arrival with a bit of advise from the sisters who have been here before. I’ve been knitting for this much anticipated little one, and I only have a few little finishing details left before the weekend.


I think I can safely say that I’m organized for our official Kindergarten venture. We bought binders earlier this week for our alphabet notebooks and a notebook for our math journal. There’s a daily plan in place that gives us the structure Ender needs but a lot of room to explore. I’ll share a little bit here after we get into a rhythm and see how the plan works.


I love Netflix streaming. When I was a kid we watched very very little television and movies were basically forbidden. A lot of movies that people consider classics are movies I know of but have never seen. Superman is in constant awe of the movies I’ve never seen and takes great joy in introducing me to the movies of our youth.  Last night I watched Independence Day for the first time, a few nights before that I saw the original Karate Kid. I have to say- it’s really funny when you know all the popular phrases that have become part of our culture and then you see the original source. The whole “wax on, wax off” thing? I finally know exactly what that is. Superman has made it his personal mission to catch me up on all the pop culture stuff I missed as a kid.


I started to work on a Christmas list for this year. I’m trying to get an early start on the handmades for Christmas. Because my family is so large we draw names on that side of the family, so we will have 2 to knit for. I’m hoping to cheat a little and draw my brother-in-law since I already found the perfect hat to knit for him. Perhaps I can talk whoever is in charge of the name drawing thing into just giving me the right name . . .

To knit for: all of my boys, my mother-in-law, (hopefully) my brother-in-law and perhaps a few little cousins- we’ll have 3 little ones besides my boys by Christmas.


I’ve also spent a bit of time this week looking for good hat patterns for Superman and the boys for this fall. For some reason I feel like I need to get them done before September even though we don’t usually have cool enough weather to need hats and mittens until January. I’m going to experiment with the boys’ mittens this time around and see what happens, and I think I may have found a hat that Ender will really like. Now just to find one for Ezra . . .


Ender is back to swimming lessons on Monday for a few weeks. He’s getting a little braver each time he goes, and he made a lot of progress with getting over some of his fears last weekend. We were able to be in the pool almost every day. I’m hoping the progress continues in his class these next few weeks.

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2 Responses to Seven Quick Takes

  1. Kristen says:

    I bet it is fun to see where so many of the pop culture references come from.

  2. DebbieQ says:

    Oh Holiday gift knitting is always a tricky business. I finally decided that if someone indicates that they want something handknit then they shall get it (my dad asked for a hat as well as my mom) but otherwise nope.

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