Not Missing!

Sorry to have gone missing, but I have no internet access for the time being (and for about a week before now). It’s a long-ish story about smoking equipment and horrible customer service that hopefully ends with a new modem and router tomorrow. (!) We’ve been busy these last few weeks and I have good things to show you- a bit of jam making, new knitting and sewing projects to share, and a re-do to our learning space. I’m also finishing up our school plans for Kindergarten and I’m planning to share those as well. 🙂


In other news, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and I share a birthday! That made me feel a little bit better about greeting the last year in my 20’s.


I’m hoping to be back in this space within a day or two. I’m sending lots of “Get here soon!!!” thoughts to that modem and router!

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