Last Week


I finished up the studio reschedules for June and started working on the schedules for September.

Yes, I already have to plan for next term in the studio.




Ender learned how to exchange pennies for nickels and dimes.




Ann Voskamp had even more words of wisdom; these are of the marriage variety. I’m ever humbled by her posts.




Lee DeWyze won. I’m so happy for that result, even if it was a weak season.




Ezra kept eating and running and playing. I swear he’s grown two inches in the last month, and he’s looking more and more like a boy and no longer my baby. Three is just a few weeks off . . .




Superman and I spent several evenings talking and planning for the changes our family needs to make to adjust to life WITH daddy. I know that sounds strange, but we’ve had a little over 2 years of Daddy being this sort of shadow in the home that showed up every once in awhile for the important things (and sometimes he just happened to have a few slow days at work) and now that he’s really home every evening and even on 2 whole days a week it’s really strange. Good strange, but a bit of an adjustment.




I learned the coolest quilt piecing trick EVER.

Yes, a project has been planned!




We watched 4 softball games in a row out in the sun over Memorial Day weekend. Despite hats, an umbrella, and SPF 55 applied about every 90 minutes, I got a horrible blistered sunburn on the top of one of my ears. Apparently I totally missed it every time we sunscreened AND it wasn’t covered by the umbrella (though I don’t know how!). I’m a little more than sore today.




How did your May end up?

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