Mama’s Sick Daybook

Outside my window…

Another bright day so far. We are expecting rain this afternoon though, so we’re trying to get outside for as long as we can this morning.


I am thinking…

about an organized house. Hopefully mine. I’m trying to tackle some definite problem areas this week and see if I can squeeze a little more space out of our small house.

I am thankful for…

My husband who spent his day off yesterday wrangling kids, keeping up on laundry and dishes and taking care of my sick self.

Always Learning…

We’ve had several little conversations about healthy food this week and made some healthy snack cards to help us to remember which kinds of snacks are good snacks to ask for and which ones are not. We always seem to need a post-holiday reminder.

From the kitchen…

A lot of homemade since I am not teaching in the studio this week! I made and froze some soup on Monday, but I was done yesterday with this evil cold. I’m hoping to get back into the kitchen today with some tacos and maybe a lasagna to freeze for another day.


I am wearing…

my lazy “I’m sick” clothes: hoody, terry cloth pants and fuzzy socks.

I am creating…

A new spring cleaning plan since the ones I made up last week aren’t actually starting until today since I was unexpectedly sick yesterday (and still today a little. Bleh!) . So I’m revising this morning and trying to figure out what I can actually get done with the time left.


I am going

to stay home this week. Between the inside spring cleaning to be done and the outside yard work there is more than enough to do!

I am reading…

A first novel by a friend of mine, more Elizabeth Zimmerman (have to decide what to knit next!), and still working on The Queen’s Governess by Karen Harper. The last title isn’t as well written as some of the other Tudor fiction I’ve read in the last year, and it’s actually a little dry for fiction reading.

I am hoping…

for a great burst of energy in the next few days while I have the time to get a few extras done around here.


I am hearing…

K-Love. Ever since our t.v. broke we’ve been in the habit of having K-love on most mornings. This station is such a blessing to our family!


Around the house…

Big plans, but nothing accomplished yet. Hopefully I’ll have exciting things to share by the end of the weekend. I’m planning a total revamp of our learning area after seeing the awesome simplicity of Sarah’s system. It is where my heart was heading anyway, but seeing Sarah’s orderly shelves in place renewed my resolve for simplicity in our schooling and in our organization.

One of my favorite things…

Hot tea,which has been my dearest friend these last 36 hours.


A few plans for the rest of the week . . .

A trip to the library by the end of the weekend and a transformed house. That’s enough for one week, I think!

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2 Responses to Mama’s Sick Daybook

  1. alis says:

    Thanks for linking to our humble experiment. I just learned to knit last week so I will have to check out some of your projects for inspiration. Good luck with the garden, Seth took to ours last weekend like a moth to a flame 😉
    Cheers + Alis

  2. Sophie says:

    K-Love = greatness! We just got a station a few months ago and I wear it out… I’m listening at home, in the car, and at work. It’s a blessing to me as well. Thanks for sharing your sweet blog, blessings to you and your family.

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