A Sunny Daybook

Outside my window…

It is bright and cheerful already at 8 a.m. We’re looking forward to another warm day- we’re supposed to hit 80 F again. Our pollen count has been very high these last few days and I’ve been really feeling the effects. I think Ender has been too.


I am thinking…

about the recital this Sunday. Everything is as ready as it can be as of today. I’ll be printing programs on Saturday, then it comes down to setting everything up on the day of the event. I’m looking forward to this event, but maybe looking forward a little more to it being over!


I am thankful for…

My mom who understands that this week is stressful . . . so she came over and did my dishes and a bit of laundry to help me keep up at home.


Always Learning…

This week has been interesting for us! We’ve been invited to be part of the local homeschooling association and also talked to a friend about getting together once a week for nature study. Ender signed up for teeball this summer and we need to pick weeks for swimming lessons. I feel like we’ve gone from zero outside activities to suddenly several. We are praying for discernment as to which opportunities we should take advantage of, and which would mean too much on our schedule.


From the kitchen…

This week has been a week of treats- cookies for another family, brownies, and plans for more cookies.

There has also been a LOT of picnic making!


I am wearing…

a green skirt, white shirt, and a cardigan. The mornings are a bit on the cool side this week, but by 2 p.m. I’ll be too warm for the cardigan.


I am creating…

A February baby sweater for my neice.

new Pajamas for my boys that grow like CRAZY.

Shorts for Ender.

Spring cleaning plans due to start next  Monday!


I am going

to take the space I need this week. I usually spend Supeman’s class evenings working on the things that need done around here, but this week I’m knitting, and occasionally just sitting and gathering my thoughts.


I am reading…

Lemony Snicket books (which are incredibly short, I found out!) and The Queen’s Governess by Karen Harper- another set in the Tudor household while Anne Boleyn is around.


I am hoping…

for great weather next week so we can work in the yard while I have a free week. The boys are very excited to help me plant flowers this year! (It’s all Ender has talked about for almost 2 weeks now!


I am hearing…

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the first time in ages. Our t.v. broke several weeks back so any episodes that have been watched have been me and Superman watching on the computer. My brother-in-law B. works for a moving company, and a client was leaving a t.v. behind and offered it to him for free! He picked it up and passed it on to us. We do watch some t.v. around here, but we’ve been so in the habit of not watching that we’ve only used it a few times since getting the new one.


Around the house…

I’m keeping up with the dailies for this week, but Monday starts the deep spring clean. I’m looking particularly at my laundry room/pantry that somehow became a “catch all” room in the last few months. I tackled the boys’ rooms over the weekend and also started on the linen closet. My goal is to have the whole house done by May 1st.


One of my favorite things…

This February sweater gull pattern. The 4 rows are easy to memorize and I have not gotten tired of it, even though this is my second February sweater in a row.


A few plans for the rest of the week . . .

A trip to the library, knitting a lot (as stress relief!), and the big performance this weekend!

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