The Zoo I Drew


We’ve been exploring art in children’s books recently and Ender especially has been fascinated with copying art work. He has tried to copy several books, but The Zoo I Drew is the first one that kept him busy for more than a page. Ender invited Ezra and I to contribute as well so we would have a “very full book” by the end.


The Zoo I Drew features animals in alphabetical order with a short poem about each one. We all announced one animal that we would draw and set to work on a book full of different animals. We ended up with duplicate crocodiles because Ezra made at least 3 or 4! We chose to use crayons, since that’s the best medium for Ezra (2yo) right now and half sheets of paper to make the book a bit smaller.





Ender decided to copy some of the animal art from the book very closely, specifically the jaguar. It took several tries before he decided on the best way to make the eyes.


We put our animals in alphabetical order just like the book, hole punched the sides and put it all together with a ribbon through the holes. Ender designed the cover with sticky foam letters and made sure to remind me to add the authors names to the front!

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3 Responses to The Zoo I Drew

  1. Erin says:

    How cute:) Now you have inspired me.

  2. Gardenia says:

    Hi, I’m here from Gae’s march Lovliness Fair. That Zoo book looks delightful. You little one drew some great pictures — love the elephant and the vulture. I’ve looked at the post on amazon, and am going to get it, becuase my 3 yr old daughter loves to draw, and these pictures seem like they’d be good for copying. nice to meet you.

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