March Daybook


Outside my window…

The temperature peeked above freezing for a little bit over the weekend and faked my daffodils into thinking they can come up. I truly hope there is no more snow so they really do have a chance.


I am thinking…

About spring menus and celebrations (4 anniversaries, 3 birthdays, and a variety of holidays) and changing up the house for a fresher look. Maybe this is some special disease I have, but I get a little itchy if I don’t move the furniture around every once in awhile for something different.

I am thankful for…

Good books. Home Education, knitting, cooking, fiction . . . whatever I need can be found in a book.

Always Learning…

Our current explorations are still in space (with a heavy concentration on telescopes), and Ender just asked for the DK Eyewitness Elephant book, so that may be where we’re headed next. Ender wrote a long page of K’s yesterday for some reason, and he’s been measuring everyone and everything again and writing down every measurement he comes up with.

Ezra has been crazy busy with his cutting basket. He asks to cut paper the second  his little eyes pop open in the morning. Scissors and a glue stick are his best friend lately (closely supervised of course!).

From the kitchen…

I’m still on a big soup kick lately. We had chicken gumbo last night . . . mmmmm . . . I think there will be gumbo leftovers for lunch!

I am wearing…

A jean skirt, red long sleeve t-shirt and black cardigan. Knee-high argyle socks because I love weird socks and the argyle stands out to Superman every time.

I am creating…

Spring spaces and book stacks- St. Patrick’s day has it’s own basket this year. Also, still knitting on the Talia vest and the red socks. I’m down to the last ankle, so hopefully I’ll have finished socks by Friday’s quick takes!

I am going…

to keep my focus. I know that may sound silly, but focus has been a big word around here lately. If I know what’s going on before the boys get up our day goes a million times smoother.

I am reading…

The White Queen by Philippa Gregory and Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman. A lot of books about planets with the boys.

I am hoping…

For some time in my kitchen. I got to cook a bunch over the weekend and remembered how much I love it and miss it.

I am hearing…

The soundtrack to the Buffy musical Once More with Feeling. I’m such a geek.

Around the house…

I’m all too eagerly getting ready for spring. I may have pulled some spring-ish clothes out of storage for the boys and I’ve been sketching for spring sewing. The house got a bit of spring cleaning too- I just can’t wait any longer!

One of my favorite things…

Caesar wraps. I’ve had one every day for lunch for the last few days. Tastes like spring.

A few plans for the rest of the week . . .

Helping Superman get through finals (only one more quarter to go!!!), finishing the red socks, getting outside, clearing the desk so I have a shot at piecing quilt blocks that have been cut but not pieced for far too long.

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2 Responses to March Daybook

  1. Amanda says:

    I once again am jealous of your geekiness. I want the Buffy Once more with feeling soundtrack too! I just can’t seem to find it for less than $25, and can’t justify that right now.

    What kind of scissors do you let Ezra use? I had some of those “paper only” kid scissors somewhere, but can’t find them. And I’m not finding them at the stores either.

    • violingirl says:

      We got the soundtrack awhile ago when Superman worked for a company with amazing music discounts. He’s just as much of a Buffy geek as I am. 🙂

      Ezra uses Fiskars blunt tip scissors. They are not paper-only because when I taught early childhood I found that those often didn’t even work well on paper and were frustrating for the kids to use. We found ours at Target I believe, and you can check craft chains too- I’ve seen them at Joann’s and Michael’s too. I truly do sit right next to him while he’s cutting and mis-use of scissors is something I’m really strict about. I only give one warning if he even pretends to snip at his brother or his own skin and then scissors are done for the day if he continues. I’m not even that worried about him cutting clothes or hair or whatever.

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