Seven Quick Takes

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I finished the Thorpe hat Wednesday night and finished the first of my 36 stitch mittens. It’s my first real Elizabeth Zimmerman knit- thought I’d start small. I’ve been reading looking through Knitting Without Tears and the Knitter’s Almanac again and I keep coming back to the seamless raglan sweater, but I’m a little nervous to try something so big. I’m also really interested in the classic February baby sweater, and that might be a better (smaller!) place to start.


I finished the second Percy Jackson novel last night and started the third. I suppose sometimes it takes a good YA book to get me reading again. Ender and I started The Wizard of Oz too. Ezra wanders in and out of our reading together and Superman joins in when he can. I can’t wait until the boys are a little older and I can share some of my very favorite books with him. The Wizard of Oz is just the beginning.


The tornado fascination is beginning to wane here. After checking with all of his aunts, uncles and grandparents to make sure they had a safe place to go in their house in case of a tornado, Ender decided that he knows enough to move on. He pulled a bunch of space books at the library this week and moved on to planets.


I’ve been looking through sewing books planning ahead a little for spring and summer sewing. I think I’m going to be working mostly from Cal Patch’s book Design-It-Yourself Clothes and Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross on clothes for myself, and Ender really needs shorts for summer. Sometimes I swear he has visibly grown in just one day.


I pulled out garden books and seed catalogues a few weeks back, and Ender just saw the stack the other day. He went through and marked everything he’d like to plant. With his plan I think we’d need a full acre. Seeing as how we container garden, I don’t think he’ll get everything he wants. I’m still sorting out and getting a plan in place, but one thing is sure- Ender has his own container this year.


Ezra has gotten into the habit of adding “really really” to many of his sentences as “weally weally”. As in “I weally weally don’t want to go to bed!” and “I weally weally don’t want green beans!”

It’s hard not to laugh at this kid ALL. THE. TIME.


Next week is a short work week for me and next weekend Superman and I get a little bit of free time to celebrate our anniversary. It is hard to believe we have had nine years together. We’ve been going back and forth for the last few weeks trying to decide what to do since we will have a whole day together without kids for the first time in a long time- maybe a movie?

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5 Responses to Seven Quick Takes

  1. Amy says:

    I suppose sometimes it takes a good YA book to get me reading again.

    I know what you mean!

  2. I just finished the first Percy Jackson book! I really enjoyed the story, but kept getting frustrated by the writing. I kept forgetting that it was a YA book because the plot was so exciting, but I do wish it had been more deeply written. Oh well. Until I write my own books, I guess I can’t complain 🙂

    Re: Ezra’s ‘really, really’ — my 4 year old has a habit of saying ‘you know’ in most of her sentences when she’s trying to sound like a grown up. Like: ‘I’m just really good at this coloring, you know.’ Or: ‘My muscles are strong enough to do this now, you know.’ It cracks me up. But when she’s in this ‘serious, grown up’ speaking style, I have to make sure I respond likewise…no cracking up allowed, or she gets frustrated. Such a fine line 😉

    • violingirl says:

      The writing *is* light in these books. Thankfully the second and third are much improved over the first one. I have to try not to think too hard about the writing or I get really frustated with it too. You said it perfectly- it’s just not very deep.

  3. DebbieQ says:

    OK, you are the second person today who has been raving about The Lightning Thief. I think I am going to have to read it.

    And have a really really fun time with Superman next weekend (I just couldn’t help myself).

  4. I enjoyed the Percy Jackson books, too. (and also needed a nice YA book to get me going again) I agree that the writing improves as the series advances. It’ s no Tolkien or Lewis, but it does get better.

    My 4 year old keeps us in stitches, too.

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