February Blues


I start thinking about February in December.


In our area we have a lot of ice storms in January and February and it’s not unusual to be unable to get out of the driveway for several days at a time. We do go out to play if we can, but the boys are small enough that they don’t last long in the cold. We end up with all kinds of pent up energy and no where to spend it- we can’t even go to a store or something to walk it off!


Add to that the Mama blues February brings- not as much light, chilly mornings and evenings (the ones that make you want to sit cuddled up on the couch and not move from there all day long!), and the same-ness of each day- and it’s not a pretty picture by February 1st.


I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now, to be prepared for this February with my boys one year older and more active. I think for us it comes down to shaking things up on the day-to-day activities and spending the quiet time dreaming ahead to March.


For us beating the February blues will include:


:: Pushing the furniture back and riding bikes and trikes in the living room.


:: Lots of food making- juice popsicles, homemade marshmallows, hot chocolate, homemade pizza and food of the “treat” variety.


:: Pajama days. Maybe more than a few. Probably in conjunction with fort building.


:: Guilt-free knitting time for Mama. There is a lot of calm built into each little stitch.


:: Refresh our morning music. We’ve been in the habit of turning music on as soon as we come downstairs each morning and leaving it on through lunch. Sometimes it’s K-love, sometimes classical, sometimes individual artists (Steven Curtis Chapman is a favorite here). Lately our morning music has been mostly demo tracks for my work, but I’m thinking February is going to call for Vivaldi- Spring perhaps?


:: Spring-time sewing, just a little on the early side.


:: Dollar toys and activities. I pick up small things for the boys here and there as we do our usual shopping (I *heart* the dollar spot at Target!) and collect them in a basket in my closet for a little surprise once in awhile. I’m planning to bring out a few of these things when we hit that third or fourth day in a row stuck inside due to ice.


How do you beat the February blues?



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6 Responses to February Blues

  1. Gardenbug says:

    We had a large basement. In that basement were Dad’s tools, Mom’s laundry area, small push toys, a blackboard that I made in the shape of a whale, an easel and paints, a swing on a rope hung from a beam, a long rope ladder to climb, and later, DS added ropes from one end of the room to the other with a pulley wheel on which the kids would glide. As they got older, there was a hockey net added. The wooden train track was set up on the floor each year at Christmas time. They did play outside too, but they were a very physical bunch! At 33, DD still plays hockey and recently added Kung Fu, while pregnant! DS (38) rides his bicycle to work daily…though when the streets of Boston are too messy for that, he runs! Both “kids” enjoy winter camping too. Me? UGH!

  2. Gardenbug says:

    I forgot to add that music was also a part of our play while I did laundry. We had a tambourine and wood sticks and bells and recorders etc…and would march around the basement with Indian headbands singing and yes, shouting!

    I’ll admit, our children were very bored at the neighbor’s homes where TV was the main activity.

  3. Amanda says:

    We’ve been doing some arts and crafts to keep busy while inside. I also want to try some things I’ve seen on others’ blogs, one was doing a hopscotch out of masked tape, either on the rug or down the hall. That would be a good way to keep active inside! DS1 got a bouncing horse ball thing for Christmas too. We haven’t given it to him yet, but we will be soon, I’m sure!

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  5. LLMom says:

    I like the music idea and fort building and indoor bike riding! Things I hadn’t thought of. THanks.

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