My Father’s Dragon


Ender and I read My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett last summer and enjoyed it quite a lot. When a friend told us there were 2 more books in the series they jumped into my next amazon order! We finished them last week and as we read the last words Ender sat there for a moment then said, “That’s the last one?”

“Yes, son.”

“Can we ask her (the author) to write some more?”

There has been an awful lot of dragon pretending around here, and the packing of backpacks “like Elmer does in the book, Mom!” Ezra is even in on the act as the “very baby baby dragon” (since Ender is the actual baby dragon, you know) and asks us all the time to ask him if he’s “a nice dragon or a scary dragon” so he can roar appropriately.

That led to a dragon book search and on to reading Day of the Dragon-King by Mary Pope Osborne (which I happened to have picked up from a garage sale last summer!). I was informed this evening that it’s a good book, but “not as good as the other dragon books.”

Books about China also came up in the library searches and it turns out that Ender *loves* the DK book about China. This is our first time reading about a different country beyond the setting in a fiction book, and I’m a little surprised at how much interest Ender has shown. I really thought he’d only be interested in the little bits about Chinese New Year and the dragon lore,  but he keeps pulling that book out and asking about different spreads in the book.

I’m just along for the ride on this one . . .

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2 Responses to My Father’s Dragon

  1. Char says:

    Children are just such surprises…I love their interests in other cultures…this weekend was spent talking about Earthquakes and how they happen…our girls are 5 and 3!
    Have a great day.

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