Seven Quick Takes

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In our area at this time of year we usually have a light dusting of snow that disappears by the next day- that is, if we have any snow at all. We had about 8 inches show up on Christmas Eve/Day, and it actually stayed around! In fact, it has been so cold here that school was canceled Monday and Tuesday, and then another snow storm came through on Wednesday (with another 4ish inches!) that canceled school for the rest of this week. Try explaining to a 4 year old why he can’t go out in all that glorious snow when the temperature is negative.



Superman has been home all week on an unexpected vacation. His truck has spent this week in the shop because of the accident he had right before Christmas, and he has to have his truck for work. So on this little break he has been keeping tabs on the boys while I taught, working with Ender on some schooly things and keeping up the laundry for me. That’s how I know he loves me- I so dislike doing laundry and because of him I haven’t had to even think about it all week long!



My sister’s wedding went well last Saturday. It was very cold, but not snowing, and we were very thankful for that. We are praying for her and her new husband as they step into marriage and soon into parenthood when their son is born in the next few weeks.



The other day Ezra went to the cabinet and set out his own Montessori mat, sat criss-cross in front of it and looked up at me expectantly. Apparently the child needs some work! I suppose I need to get back into 2-year-old Montessori mode. I pulled out some lacing beads and block work, but I think he may be ready for a presentation or two. Look for more toddler Montessori work here soon.



We changed up our bedtime routine over the break, and I think we’re all really enjoying the change. We’re starting earlier, reading longer (usually 3 picture books with both boys and then 1 chapter of a read aloud for Ender while Ezra has time with Daddy), and the boys are calmer by the time actual bedtime comes around. The boys are really liking the time spent on their own with Daddy, and that was the major change we were going for. While Superman is finishing school this semester he will only be home to help put them to bed 3 or 4 nights a week. We both wanted to find a way to make a bed time more of a “daddy event” on those nights, and I think we found our answer.



Ender has become quite the master on his bike now. He’s riding easily in the living room (it’s the only place he can ride because of this strange snow, so we moved all the furniture against the wall for awhile) and navigating turns and stopping with ease. I think he might decide he’s ready to go without training wheels this summer. He already asked Daddy if it’s easy to take the training wheels off . . .



To keep up our date night during this school thing Superman and I have been making Saturday nights into a movie night. We start off with something to watch with the boys (their choice has been almost exclusively SuperWhy lately- thank goodness it’s a free stream on netflix!) and then after the boys are in bed, we have a bit of wine and a movie of our own. It’s been nice to catch up on the movies we haven’t seen since the boys were born.

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4 Responses to Seven Quick Takes

  1. Gardenbug says:

    I had to smile when reading about “explaining to a 4 year old why he can’t go out in all that glorious snow when the temperature is negative”. Here in Canada that is the normal thing to do. For Christmas we tobogganed behind the snowmobile, walked in the deep snow, fed the horses outside at uncle Brian’s, built a tunnel, played with the dogs, etc. It was -16.6F. This was in Alberta and it was an especially beautiful day with sunshine and hoarfrost. I DO understand you must be prepared and appropriately dressed! Just a different perspective.

  2. violingirl says:

    LOL Gardenbug. I understand your point. I should have also mentioned that it’s -20ish due to windchill and they’re saying it only takes 20 minutes for exposed parts like noses and cheeks to get frost bite right now. Maybe that’s just our forecasters being paranoid, but I’m happy to stay warm inside! 🙂

  3. Barbara C. says:

    I was cracking when I read how “Daddy Time” at night makes your kids calmer. It does the opposite to mine. My husband has a low-threshold for boredom and doesn’t always get the concept that the bedtime routine is supposed to calm them down and not wind them up. Now they think that Daddy’s appearance means it’s time to party. As I transitioned our two oldest girls (7 and 4) into a bed together I banned him from the upstairs completely.

  4. Gardenbug says:

    Me too. I’ve been knitting by the fire. 😉

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