First January Daybook

Outside my window… even more snow. It was really hard to get places this past weekend, but with the wedding there wasn’t really much of a choice. We took our time and made it to all the important places.

I am thinking… about being back to work this week. I’m trying to remember that this is just a stage of life, that soon I will be able to work less and be with my family more, make dinner every night of the week, create more art, play music for myself rather than for teaching related reasons . . .


I am thankful for…  my family, but in particular my siblings. Everyone came together for our sister K.’s wedding and in spite of the rushed circumstances everyone was there to hold her up and show their love for her, her new husband and their soon-to-arrive son.


Always Learning…  I’m loving the Ruth Beechick book I received last week! I’ve already been through it once, and now I’m reading it through again. THIS is the book I’ve needed to read to make me feel more prepared for our first year of homeschooling, and confirms a lot of the feelings that I was having about a lot of curriculums asking for too much in a Kindergartener. I’m feeling more and more confident as I read.


From the kitchen…  LOTS of soup. Best way to keep warm I think.


I am wearing…  Jeans, a camisole, black long-sleeved tee, and a red t-shirt on top. Two pairs of socks. I’m considering adding a hoodie.


I am creating…  space. I spent free time over my Christmas break de-cluttering toys in the boys’ rooms and cleaning out closets. I earned my sewing table back from the piles that had grown in November and December.


I am going… to stay home as much as possible this week. We all just need time at home after the wedding craziness last week for some quiet and normalcy. Plus it’s WAY too cold to try to venture out!


I am reading… The Host by Stephenie Meyer, Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman, and The 3 R’s by Ruth Beechick.

I am hoping… that Superman starts getting calls on some of the resumes he has been submitting.


I am hearing… Vivaldi- the Four Seasons.


Around the house… The Christmas tree is down, along with the nativity. My plans for January include finishing up the closet re-organization I started over the holiday break.


One of my favorite things… left-over treats from New Year’s Eve. They are all the things we never buy that we are snacking on for just one more week . . .


A few plans for the rest of the week … getting back to a routine, starting with regular bedtimes- Mama included!

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