7 Quick Takes

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This week has gone so fast! I finished all the laundry last night while Superman was in class, and as soon as I get the suitcases taken down to the basement we’ll be completely unpacked from the trip. Then I I have to catch up on the regular house stuff . . .


I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow and no gift- yet another thing that completely slipped my mind because of the trip . . . I think I’m going to make a few bibs tonight- maybe a few burp cloths too? Do you have a go-to last minute baby gifts that you like to make?


I’m really stuck on this Kindergarten thing. Trying to keep it simple, but also satisfy my husband’s request for “real schoolwork” is tricky. I think his concern is mostly grown out of the things relatives have said to him about our decision to homeschool and having tangible things to show them concerning the boys’ education would make him feel better. We’re working on it.


I REALLY have to finish up Christmas gifts!!! The truth is that I need to start making in September rather than late October so I can be done earlier and not still be making until the day before Christmas Eve! I have still to finish:

An apron for my sister-in-law

Capes for the boys

A bag for Ender

An apron for Ezra

I know that list doesn’t look too bad, but I still work a full week next week and I’m just too tired on most of those evenings to stay up and sew. So I’m going to work at them this weekend and try to get as much done as I can so that I can hopefully finish up on my days off the few days before Christmas!



We’ve been having a great time with our Advent reading list this week. I’m so thankful for the list posted at Serendipity because I was having a really difficult time sorting out good reads at our library. Our local library has holiday books marked with a sticker on the side, and some of them at first glance through looked like good books, but at a more thorough read were not what I was looking for for helping my young ones to understand this season.

We’re using the books on the lists marked Stories for Preparing Little Hearts plus some of the books on the list for Fireside Tales, specifically the Jan Brett books, but also a few others.


We had our first snow on Wednesday. It was barely enough to call it a first snow (since you could still see our grass through most of it!) but it counts. It’s been bitterly cold this week- so cold that we have only left the house to get to the grocery store once. We get a lot of ice here and we also had our first ice of the season, and that doesn’t usually show up until January. It looks like we may be in for a LONG winter.


I’m hunting more books to read. My to-be-read stack is a little sparse for my taste. I’ve finished a few series in the last few months and I’m looking for more to try. Ideas? The only genres I don’t read are romance and hard science fiction. I love all kinds of fantasy, YA, mysteries, historical fiction and mainstream stuff. Have a look at my book list for this year if you want to see what I’ve been reading recently.

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2 Responses to 7 Quick Takes

  1. Gae says:

    Funny how such a little making list can be such a huge job isn’t it. I hope you get a good amount of time to finish those special and treasured gifts of the heart.
    I wouldn’t worry about those reatives comments. Just do what YOU and your Husband believe is the way you are being guided and follow that even against the tide.

  2. Gardenbug says:

    I enjoyed the Serendipity site…and hope to use some ideas from it. In particular, the Matroyshka books and unpainted stacking dolls are meaningful for us. I will be using the list of books at our bookstore today!

    I have no doubts about your approach to kindergarten being more than adequate for Ender and Ezra. I am sorry you doubt yourself and feel being tense about it is a drawback! Instilling the love of learning is what it is about, not piles of rote exercises. Let the boys take the lead. There will be plenty of “show off” material!

    At that age we used cuisinaire rods a good deal with our kids. Also there were booklets on “sets” as in mathematical set theory which was something I learned in highschool but which was VERY well suited to kindergarten. I tried to Google some info on this and found this:
    It really was fun to work on groupings and “inclusion” with our little ones. It is a debated topic I’m sure, but as it was carried out with our guys, I am all for it!

    Yesterday DD ran a hockey school for 11 older children in their city’s homeschool program. It worked out really well! FUN!

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