About Last Night . . .


:: I finished everything on my list except hemming Superman’s pants.


:: I also made extra stuff and stayed up way too late.


I’m a rule breaker.


:: I actually took pictures. My apologies that they’re dark, but it’s a lovely shade of gray outside and looking to be that way until at least March.


Gigantic pile of stuff to do:


The red skirt with a million pleats:


And another skirt I made in late summer, but never photographed:


:: I also read about 300 gazillion pages of Twilight. Well, maybe not that much- I’ll just put it this way- I started the book (yet again) on Sunday and finished it last night. I’ve tried to get into that book  no less than four times and this time I had nothing waiting in my to-be-read pile and it was either keep reading that or don’t read anything. So I kept reading and didn’t stop. The writing itself isn’t anything amazing, but the story was certainly compelling. I’ve got the others on order now. So all you Twilight people that have been harassing me every time I’ve started the book and put it down again can just stop it. I’ll read them as soon as I get back from my trip!

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