UFO Week

Okay- it’s Un-Finished Object week here. There’s a point every few months where I realize that I’ll never find my desk again if I don’t finish off all the little projects hanging out. The rules?


1. Don’t start anything new until the list is done. *Sounds like a no-brainer, right? But when I’m working on something it’s so easy to get distracted with ideas for new things or have the temptation to “just cut this out real quick . . .”


2. After the list is done, finish cleaning off the desk! *Somehow my desk becomes the collection site for everyone else’s spare parts. Off to their homes they go!



1. Hem Superman’s pants.

2. Take the hem of Ender’s pajama’s down.

3. Finish the blue linen wrap skirt.

4. Fix the red skirt and topstitch.

5. Zigzag the Christmas trees.


Most of these things are really fast finishes that just involve changing thread color. The blue linen skirt is only cut, so that will take a few hours. I’m going to try to get it all done today except that linen skirt. Think I can?

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