7 Quick Takes


If you’d like to read more quick takes, go visit Jen. She’s cool like that.



Superman and I are going on a trip sans children. For more than a night or two.

Color me nervous.

The panic attacks started exactly 2 nights ago when I woke up at about 2 a.m. completely convinced that Ender had broken his arm while we were gone and we weren’t there for him. Never mind the fact that he’ll be with grandparents who love him very much and take amazing care of him when we’re not around, but you know. Maternal paranoia. 



I finished Kushiel’s Mercy yesterday morning. It was so good that I stayed up late reading and actually woke up earlier than usual to have extra time to read and finish it up. I could not put it down and now I’m sad that the serious is over. I need to find something in the same vein while I’m on such a big fantasy kick in my fiction reading.



I’ve been addressing envelopes for our Christmas cards this week and Ender was inspired to make his own. He’s been stamping and writing cards to everyone in the family to hand out on Thanksgiving.

They’re on old “Thank You” cards with monkeys on them, but if you call them Thanksgiving monkeys it’s all good.



I spent a ridiculous amount of time pleating last night. What a lesson in patience! Superman and I were catching up on a few of the shows on our DVR and after awhile he looked at me and said, “what exactly are you doing?”

I tried to explain but he waved me off and asked, “If it’s that much trouble why would you do that to yourself?”

I wondered too! It’s worth it- the skirt is going to look great, but I don’t want to mess with pleats for a long, long time. Or ruffles either. Good thing I have boys, I suppose!



The boys helped decorate for Thanksgiving this week:

The “countdown to Thanksgiving” chain belongs to Ender. We started making countdown chains quite awhile ago, and it has really helped him with teen counting. The wreaths were a spontaneous kind of thing. I don’t know how we got on the topic of wreaths, but Ender asked me why we had a Christmas wreath but not a thanksgiving wreath, so he decided to make one. We cut some leafy shapes and used cardboard from an empty cereal box to cut the wreath shape. Ezra even got in on the wreath making and did a pretty good job with the glue stick.



 I continue to be amazed at how personality comes out in kids so young. Ezra has always been very opinionated, and especially so in his art. He is a “maker” like me and at the very least draws every day. His new adventure into collages has been very fun to watch. It’s still a very physical process for him, but this week he placed pieces very specifically on the page and named the work when it was complete. I’ve tried to stay away from the naming thing, but Ezra insists on it. Most often he calls his work a “duck”.

I’m going to switch up the collage supplies this week and add a little bit of fabric and felt to see what he does with that.



I’m spending the weekend trying to avoid getting the gunky nose stuff the boys have. I’m imagining there will probably be abundant time on the couch, warm blankies and favorite movies. Hopefully some good napping from the boys to help them get over this stuff.

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2 Responses to 7 Quick Takes

  1. Gae says:

    I love the idea for countdown chains. We usually do charts but I am sure our chain making children would love this.
    Thanks for this.

  2. elizabeth says:

    Yes, indeed, the personalities emerge early. After all, according to Jung, we are born with them!

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