Birthday Boy

Today I’m the mother of a four-year-old. I’m not exactly sure how that happened, but there he is, most certainly four years old.



Ender at 4


:: Son, you are so kind and tolerant, even with your brother who tries to sit on your head daily.


:: Your compassion and empathy is amazing. You are the first to pat someone’s back or offer a hug when someone is hurt or sick. I love that you care so much for other people and their feelings.


:: Your artwork is really developing and changing. In the last few weeks you have made a lot of effort to draw more realistic animals. It is so awesome to watch you grow.


:: You are a great cheerleader for your brother as he learns new things. You encourage him as he’s learning to put on his own shoes and use the potty, and you are so patient with him.


:: You are taking on responsibility in a new way. If I haven’t asked you to clean up your toys or to help me sort silverware that day, you ask me if you can help.


:: I keep wavering between wishing you would freeze in time and bursting with pride as you reach new milestones. You are lovely, son, and it is wonderful to be part of your growing up. I only wish it weren’t going quite so fast!

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One Response to Birthday Boy

  1. Char says:

    You’re a wonderful Mum…keep this and make sure you give it to him down the road.
    Our girls are growing rapidly too…why so fast? I ask myself too often!
    HUgs to your Birthday Boy!

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