About Ezra


At 26 months:


:: Is using two words together more often than not


:: Loves, loves, LOVES Brown Bear, Brown Bear.


:: Wishes to live outdoors as long as there are no bees.


:: Colors for ages each morning. Most often drawn: a pig and a duck.


:: Favorite saying: “Woodpecker- peck, peck, peck!”


:: I love how he dances while he waits for ANYTHING. Whether I’m pouring cereal or milk or hunting for his favorite book, he stands in one place dancing while he waits with a big grin on his face because he knows that Mama is doing something just for him.


:: If you ask for a kiss he always says, “gross!” then grabs your face and kisses you. Then he laughs like he just played the biggest trick on you!


:: Ezra is obsessed with utensils. He won’t eat anything without a fork or spoon lately, even if it’s something that is usually a finger food- he finds a way to get it on a fork. I’ve seen this child tenderly spear a cracker with a fork and then joyfully proclaim victory when it didn’t break into a million pieces.


:: Ezra is the child that comes to sit on my lap several times through the day, often just for a minute or two. He shares so many smiles, so many kisses and loves to cuddle cheek to cheek for just a moment before it’s time to play again.


They change and grow so quickly. Before I know it he’ll be a teenager that rolls his eyes and says, “oh, Mom!” in that overdramatic voice. I’ll take my kisses while they are eagerly given. 🙂

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