Outside my window… Another beautiful morning! September is such a nice month here.


I am thinking… that it has been a long few days full of sick boys, sick daddy and now sick Mama. A small respite would be welcome. Ender is on day 6, Ezra on day 5, Daddy on day 4 and I’m on day 3. Ender is mostly better but still coughing, so at least someone is feeling decent around here!


I am thankful for… my dad and his kindness in offering his afternoon on Sunday so that I could sleep a bit after being up a few nights in a row.


From the learning rooms… Nothing is planned for a few days til we all get better. We’re just reading a lot and wiping lots of noses.


From the kitchen… Would you laugh if I said I’ve made a lot of soup in the last few days? It’s true. I made a giant pot of chicken soup on Friday that we’ve been eating off of for the last few days. No one is hungry for much else.


I am wearing… comfy pajama pants and a hoodie. So exciting, I know. But the name of the game the past few days has been comfort and if my version of this cold trends the way the boys have, today if not going to be a fun day for me.


I am creating…  mittens! Since we’ve all been laying around quite a bit I’m working on wool mittens for the boys in a green that Ender picked out. I finished one for Ezra on Saturday and most of the other one yesterday- I expect to finish tonight. Then on to Ender’s mittens. I’m still searching for a nice toddler hat pattern for this year. 🙂


I am going… to stay home for awhile longer and keep our germs to ourselves.


I am reading… Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I bought this copy when I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with Ezra. I tried to get into it then and just couldn’t for whatever reason. I tried twice more and couldn’t get into it either of those times either. My sisters are begging me to read this book so I’m trying one last time.


I am hoping… to make friends with my sewing machine again sometime soon.


I am hearing… Laurie Berkner Band. The boys are happy to listen to her, and it’s not too maddening for the adults either- WIN!


Around the house… There is no evidence of the progress I made last week. It’s been an hour-to-hour kind of thing around here for the last 5 days so I’ve been all about the bare minimum- dishes and just enough laundry to keep us in clothes.


One of my favorite things… extra sleep. I hope to have it someday, much like time with my sewing machine.


A few plans for the rest of the week . . . Kleenex, soup, water . . . plus finishing passport applications, getting to work on Ender’s Mama-made birthday gifts, and finishing the mittens I started Saturday.


Here is picture thought I am sharing… Sorry no picture today, since that would involve all kinds of shenanigans with the external hard drive. Maybe just a link? In my spare moments I’ve been cuddling up with this and this.


For more Daybook links, visit Peggy.

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One Response to Daybook

  1. Charlotte says:

    Oh, poor you…I hope you feel better soon…and hoping all your boys get batter too.
    I have a little one fighting a cold, praying that we don’t get it!
    Did you enter my Giveaway yet?
    Have a lovely day.

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