I’ve been trying to use some of my time to prepare for the schedule change on August 31. I’m trying to put in place a good system for keeping things organized to save myself a bit of time and energy once I start working again. I’ve tackled a couple of the places that have piled up over the last few months, and I really want to make a dent in the basement storage room so we can get my parents’ chest freezer in there and actually use it!

 The list so far:

Reorganize the pantry. DONE 8/21

Clean out the master bedroom closet. DONE 8/21

Clean off the sewing table. DONE 8/24

Reorganize the linen closet.

Reorganize the boys’ craft supplies. DONE 8/25

Repair the border in Ezra’s room (that he has partially peeled off in a few places)

Dive into the basement storage room. Hope to come out alive. DONE 8/24

And as a bonus, I’d like to actually sew the blouse that’s been cut out for a week now.


Thank I can get it all done by next Wednesday? I’m going to try to get through the linen closet and the sewing table today. If you see me online anywhere yell at me- okay?

8/24 Made it through my goals for the basement. There’s another 2 stacks of boxes, but you can actually see the floor now. Now to get through the linen closet and re-discover my sewing table!

8/24 I found the sewing table. The linen closet? Not so much.

8/25 Completely overhauled the shelves and art supplies. Pictures to come. 🙂


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