I’ve spent the last few weeks in a frenzy of creating. You wouldn’t know that by looking around this blog in the last few weeks, but I’ve made a new skirt, finished the quilt top to a picnic blanket I promised Ender not long ago, and have hemmed and repaired more pairs of Superman’s work pants than I care to admit. I spent last weekend knitting as we drove 7 hours away and 7 hours back.


The truth is that the school year starts too soon. I have 17 short days (and 3 of them out of town) left before I start back to my fulltime schedule and I want to get every second out of them- I’m almost out of time.


In a few short weeks I’ll be back to work teaching little fingers to curve on piano keys, bows to pull smoothly across strings, and encouraging the older ones that all is not lost over one little mistake. It’s my job to figure out exactly where their musical fears lie and to help them deal with them through lots of repetition, strengthening,  and sometimes telling them that they are brave enough to jump in and face those fears head-on.


Crafting goes out the window for awhile in September. All my energy goes into creating and molding a love of music in my students, in their parents, in my own children. At first it’s all I can do to get out of the studio at the end of the night and spend good time with my kids before they sleep and I crash into bed soon after.


But it will only be a few short weeks until I have the itch to sew or knit or just MAKE SOMETHING. I have learned in the last year that I’m not bound to musical creativity just because that is what I have known and loved all my life. I’ve been really learning to sew this year beyond the straight lines my mom taught me as a kid. I taught myself to knit just last winter and can’t seem to stop.


I need to be busy; I must MAKE something.


New skirt, new toys, new musicians- something.


And even with all the making of things I love I don’t want to give up a single bit of this extra time with my kids- over the next 17 days there isn’t a single minute scheduled for the studio- I just get to be with my boys and enjoy every bit of them. So I suppose I’ll just continue to spend these long days with them and stay up late to craft after they sleep. I suppose I’ll have to learn to only moan a little when Ezra gets up at his blessed 6 a.m.  after I’ve been up til midnight sewing. The days are too short, the moments too sweet. I cherish these days and these kisses and “loves”.

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