Pure Awesomeness

So I know this will seem like a repeat post, but I fried another hard drive. My laptop boots into a loop that never gets anywhere and apparently it’s a known issue with Vista (an OS that I have disliked from day 1). It’s nice to know that I didn’t actually do anything wrong to the computer. After spending 2 hours online with tech support last night I earned a new hard drive as part of my warranty. The computer is only 6 months old!


So I’m coming to you from Superman’s laptop, the slower than slow monstrosity that is missing the “z”, “i” and “7” keys thanks to a most curious baby Ezra several months back. So I can still post a bit, but there will be no pictures until the hard drive is installed (I’m hoping that it arrives by the end of the week so Superman can install it over the weekend!). And to be honest posting is pretty frustrating when you’re missing the vital “i” key and have to hit the little sensor just right to get what you want.

So I’ll post when I have the patience to do so. Otherwise I’ll be hoping that the hard drive comes as soon as they say.

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One Response to Pure Awesomeness

  1. I just randomly happened on your blog and it’s so weird. Seems like everyone is having computer issues right now.

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