Seven Quick Takes


Check in with Jen for more Quick Takes.




I realized the other day that I need to start sewing tags into the boys’ mama-sewn clothes. Ender has no clue where the front side is on those clothes because I’ve always told him to put the tag in back! The other reason is that I often make them matching pants or pajamas or whatever and they are close enough in size that  I need a surefire way to know if I’m holding the 2T or 3T. Anyone have suggestions for tags? Maybe twill tags? Ribbon? Something that will wash well and help me out when I’m folding laundry.




 I have a new fully functional dishwasher! It came yesterday and it has already been on a test run. I love that it actually cleans the dishes. Now to teach Ezra to resist the urge to stand on the door when it’s open . . .




Ezra made a curious little Montessori connection yesterday. Ender and I had been playing Uno when the dishwasher guys showed up so we paused our game while I talked with them and showed them to the kitchen. When I came back to the table, Ezra had taken our cards and lined them up- red with red, blue with blue, etc., just like the color box work. He was so proud of himself and to be honest I was surprised that he thought to organize them that way.




As a testament to my giant geekitude I am going to confess that I spent an hour or two the other day creating an excel file to track my current crafting projects and projects I’ve planned for the future. I included notes on whether or not fabric has already been purchased, new skills I need for the project, how long I think it will take me . . . I’m kind of nuts. And the whole point of it is that writing it down organizes it in my head so I can go against the written plan.




Ender asked if I might be able to sew some clothes for his teddy bear. Apparently Bear-Bear is tired of going naked, so I’ve spent an unreasonable amount of time trying to figure out how to do that. I’ve only been sewing clothing for about 6 months so I’m still only beginning to figure this out. Maybe a doll pattern would save my brain from all the horrible math? 




I caught a link on yahoo yesterday to 100 things that our kids either won’t know about or will think are completely antiquated by the time they’re old enough to care.  They include things like card catalogues at libraries, VHS tapes, looking things up in actual dictionaries, encyclopedias and phone books, etc. Some of these sound “old” to me already, so I’m pretty sure my kids will never have heard of things like rotary phones and answering machines.




 I have read this post to begin my morning every day this week. I know it’s an older post, but it’s fresh and timely for me. It also led me here, another daily stop this week.


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2 Responses to Seven Quick Takes

  1. Good luck with the not standing on the dishwasher thing…It’s just too entertaining to be abandoned for long 🙂

  2. Gardenbug says:

    -Newspapers are out of date at our home.
    -Plastic grocery bags are history.
    -When you “cc” something in email, that stands for “carbon copy”. No one knows what carbon paper is anymore…

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