This summer I’m only teaching 3 afternoons a week, so on the other days I’ve been able to enjoy a quiet nap time with Ender while Ezra sleeps. We usually spend the first hour or so on Montessori work and we read together.

The second hour is project time. I sew or knit usually (or do a little housework if I’m behind!) and Ender works on whatever he’d like. It has been art projects for awhile now, but he took a turn in the last few days. He spent an entire afternoon hard at work on this project, even after Ezra woke up.



Ender asked to use several things together to build his city. His materials included jenga blocks, unit blocks, and the geometric solids. A few animals were introduced toward the end. He built and rebuilt each section until it was “right” (his word) and he tried several options before deciding which way he liked it best.



 And, of course, he had to capture his work with his camera for Daddy to see, just in case the city wasn’t around by the time Daddy came home. Daddy was able to be home a bit early that day and Mama was successful in keeping Ezra from behaving like a wrecking ball until Daddy got there.


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