Apron-y Goodness

Here are the two aprons I made last week. Apologies in advance for dark picture quality. The light was not so good and the flash made everything all wonky like it always does. So no- our living room walls are not painted “halloween glow orange”.


This first one is made from a vintage sheet I found a few weeks back. It’s a pretty simple apron with just the one box pleat in the front. I like the little blue flowers- something to make me happy while I’m doing housework.




The second one is made from a “pepper” remnant that I found at Joann’s for 50 cents and a few scraps I had left from other projects. Ender especially loves the pepper apron, probably because he helped to work the pedal on the machine. I set it to the slowest speed and he helped me finish off the edges.




We should all thank Superman for the photography because he had a certain look of “more apron pictures???” on his face. Bless the man for not saying a single word.

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One Response to Apron-y Goodness

  1. Allison says:

    I love that blue flowers one, I think I’ve seen that fabric. Thanks for stopping by the blog, I usually buy a 1/2 yard of fabrics, but I used to only buy a 1/4 yard of them, and then more if I needed it later on. Its a little more friendly on the budget. 🙂

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