Seven Quick Takes


Go visit Jen at Conversion Diary to read more Quick Takes.


My mind has been taken up with planning this week – changes we need to make around our home to accomodate schooling, organizational tips, and how to keep track of the things we learn when we aren’t using many workbooks or “trackable” activities. My Seven Quick Takes are 7 things that have been hanging around in my head this week. Some are older posts that I had bookmarked for a time like this, but wow- excellent stuff!




Got boys? Read this: Homeschooling Boys.





Jennifer’s Learning Room and the Q&A that follows. A warning before you click over- the pictures are gorgeous, and I’m in awe of Jennifer’s organizational abilities. These pictures could be on the cover of Organize Magazine.





I’ve been recording our days in a simple composition notebook for awhile now, but I’m highly inspired by this journal at Camp Creek and another one at By Sun and Candlelight– I need to add pictures to our education journals to keep a more accurate record. So many of the things we do each day are lengthy to describe and adding pictures would be just the thing.





An article I stumbled across this week that reminds me why we choose this lifestyle:  Nurturing Genius. I am a steward of my children and their potential.





I have long loved Dawn’s excellent collection of monthly themes that make a wonderful starting place for our homeschool plans. I think it’s important that schooling revolves around the changing of the seasons just as our adult lives do.





I marked this post by Jess at Color Me Orange quite awhile ago, but the pictures have stayed in the back of my mind. I’m certain that her great system of monthly boxes will help me to stay focused. One thing I know about myself- if I have to collect items from all about the house every day for our work time I just won’t  do it. If I get everything together in a pretty box at the beginning of the unit we’ll be just fine. I feel a box-making project coming on!





I love Dawn’s Seasonal Planners too. I pretty much heart every single organizational thing that Dawn comes up with.

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  1. Lori says:

    thank you! :^)

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