Garage Sale Finds

I spent the early mornings of the weekend at garage sales hunting books. Books are a serious obsession for me- I ask for books for every birthday and Christmas every year that I can remember. The most memorable birthday for me was when my parents had exactly one present for me: a BOX of books- at least a hundred it seemed to me! I remember specifically Mr. Popper’s Penguins, a few Boxcar Children books, and the beginnings of the Mandie series by Lois Gladys Leppard (there weren’t many yet- I remember waiting for them as they all came out.)


A friend called me Wednesday night to tell me about a sale she’d seen advertised that was being given by a retiring first grade teacher. Oh, the treasure I picked up there! Most every book was in excellent condition or better; several looked as though they’d only been handled once or twice. 


A few new alphabet books (an additional copy of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom for us since ours has some pretty significant wear and tear) and some Magic School Bus books:


Several Classic Titles:


Math, Mazes and I Spy:


Science and Dr. Seuss:



And last, a stack of “Kindergarten journals” (large lined pages, many with just one line at the bottom and a big open space at the top of the page for the student to draw a picture), some cool wooden cars, a scale, another dominoes set (because Ender always seems to need more dominoes) and Jingle Bugs. I love those bug books!


The paperbacks were .50 a piece and the hardcovers were $1 each so I think I did pretty well. The boys have already been into the box looking through all the new books and the scale has seen A LOT of use since we picked it up last Thursday, weighing everything from crackers to dominoes to train tracks.

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