Practical Life

 Ezra is just starting to drink from an open cup. We’ve had a few of these little coke glasses since we got married and they’re a great size for Ezra’s hands, even if they aren’t a very traditional looking Montessori item.


Ezra started to take a very active interest in our cups a few weeks ago, so I started him out with just enough water in the cup to have 1 sip. After he was able to control that I started giving him a little more each time. He still spills on occasion, but he’s very careful in general. Once he’s really doing well with drinking out of the glass I’ll put together a pouring activity so that he can pour his own cup and drink it. Now if only I could get Ender to be as equally interested in drinking from an open cup!


Ezra has also started to try to fold things. He watches me fold laundry almost every day and Ender has the fun task of matching socks. Ezra wants to have a job too so I’ve been directing him to hand towels and washcloths, showing him how to make the corners meet and to smooth out the fabric. He doesn’t quite have the patience for it though, so he usually makes one nice fold and then crumbles it all up on the second fold and throws it back into the basket. Work in progress.

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