Seven Quick Takes


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I’m not in a very knitty mood now that the weather is warmer, and in my search for the perfect baseball game project I came across photos of some hexagon quilts. I especially love this one! All those little hexagons, basted and pieced by hand! Would I just end up with a pile of 500 basted hexagons and no quilt? Do you think it would hold my interest long enough? I’m not sure. I just love the geometry.


Ender and I decided to make a “fun jar” for the summer. I will only be teaching 3 days a week over the summer, so we made a list of several things he wants to do on my free days and I had a list of things I added as well. They range from going to the zoo to drawing with sidewalk chalk, playing a card game and having a picnic. The plan is to draw one card each day and add it to the plans that day.


Superman has been a die-hard Royals fan since birth. Have you ever heard a sadder thing? Every year on January 1 he wakes up to tell me how many days there are until pitchers and catchers report. By the time February rolls around he’s predicting, “This is the year!”


Seriously. It’s an infectious disease, this baseball stuff. So now I too am a Royals fan. It permeates the house.


This year is looking petty good. 18-11, Zack Greinke pitching complete games, shut-outs, a gazillion strikes per game and a 0.40 ERA . . . I’ve liked Zach and his weirdness ever since he came up several years ago and I’m glad everyone else finally gets to see how awesome he is! Another thumbs up to the Royals organization for actually putting together a team that can support their pitchers.


In my giant geekiness I’ve been watching a new show on the History Channel called Life After People. I find it all so interesting! People think that all these things they have built will remain important forever, but in this show they demonstrate just how fragile our human history is.

In another geeky note, I also have 2 netflix disks awaiting my attention- Colonial House.


I haven’t baked bread in several weeks because I’m just not happy with my bread recipe. It’s great for general bread eating, not so great for regular sandwich bread- which is what I need. I’ve been reading Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and I’m considering trying this method in my search for a good sandwich bread.


Ezra is finally starting to pick up some language! It isn’t recognizable to many people, but he’s making 1 sound in reference to 1 particular item with intention. He’s now asking for water (ra-ra), gesturing constantly and babbling and at least TRYING to speak. At the zoo on Tuesday he was enamored with the hippo and kept pointing and saying “mmmmmmmm-po!”

Must have been the threat of a visit to the speech therapist.

Oh- and can’t forget this one: he says no to us, then runs away giggling.


I’m starting to get through some fiction again, thank goodness! So far this year I’ve finished a grand total of two books- Kushiel’s Chosen and Kushiel’s Avatar, both by Jacqueline Carey. Can I just say that I should get credit for reading 5 books after that? My latest read is decidedly shorter- Undone by Rachel Caine. I’m a huge fan of hers, and true to the other novels in her Weather Warden world this book is keeping me up way too late. I started it Monday night- I have about a third of it left.

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  1. Sarah M says:

    I love your idea for a fun jar. I think we’ll make one, too!

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