Good Nights

Bath time is my very favorite part of the evening. After baths there’s spiky hair, lotion for the rough eczema spots, and picking out favorite jammies followed by running to Mama and Daddy’s bed to cuddle and read. We read as many picture books as Ezra has patience for and the boys switch back and forth between us, sometimes mid-book. In case you didn’t know, some books are “Daddy books” and some are “Mama books” (nothing to do with who is reading) and you have to sit with the right parent for the right book- this is Ender’s rule, at least. Ezra is happy to have which ever parent is left with an empty lap.


After reading it’s on to Ezra’s room for a family singing of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Ez’s favorite) then kisses, noses and squeezes from everyone. I stay and rock with Ezra for a few minutes before he goes to bed; Ender and Daddy go on to read Ender’s chapter book.


I kiss Ezra and sing a bit more to him before he points to his crib. He sleeps with a special Mickey Mouse pillow and blanket my mom made for him, as well as his silky blankie and a veritable zoo’s worth of stuffed animals. Ezra barks at me- he wants me to ask if he’s a doggy or a baby, so I do and he smiles and says, “Bay-beee” (his newest word). He waves to me and cuddles into his blankets. I leave the room and go to visit my other boy.


Daddy and Ender are done reading and hiding in wait under the blankets. I pretend that I can’t find them anywhere and search all over- behind the dresser? Inside the piggy bank? By then Ender can’t stand it any longer and he bursts out from under the blankets. “I was here the whole time!”


I kiss him goodnight and he asks if Daddy can sleep with him “for just one minute. And then I’ll send him back to you.” I agree and tuck him in a little tighter. We sing the blessing song and I kiss Bear-bear good night too. As I close his bedroom door I hear him tell Superman, “I told Mama I’d send you back to her in just a minute.” True to his word, Ender sends his daddy out just a few minutes later.


Good night, my sweet boys.

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