A Few Notes

** I updated the About Us page for my own clarity. I needed to re-define what this blog’s purpose is so that I use it the way I need to without unnecessary guilt.

** If you’re interested in a new educational blog, Check out Amongst Lovely Things. I like her term “Relaxed Homeschooling”. That’s totally my intent.

** If you’re hunting for Kara at Rockin’ Granola she can no longer use her typepad account and has moved to blogger. You can find her new place here.

** If you’re wondering where all the Montessori stuff went from this blog, I’ll be honest with you. There’s been very little “formal” education here. The grown-ups have been very stressed out busy with the end of the school year (Superman=finals, violingirl=scheduling for summer lessons) so the children have been busy digging in the dirt, visiting the zoo, creating “the longest train track EVER” and reading lots of books. Mama will be back to more organized things soon. Only two more weeks of school year lessons and then we’re into a much lighter summer schedule!

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