Don’t call- I’m busy for the next 6 years.

I kind of had a crafty weekend. Two of my sisters came over Friday night for a crafty evening- I finished up the elastic on pajama pants for the boys and then worked a little on the socks that have been merely a cuff for weeks and weeks. One sister cranked out over an inch on her crocheted afghan, and the other sister is learning to embroider and gave us all a mini lesson on what she’s learned so far.


I realized while cleaning up my crafting area for our little get together that I have about a million half-finished projects. I generally finish what I start, but I work on everything in phases. I absolutely hate cutting pieces, so when I’m in the mood to cut pieces I cut out pieces for a few different projects and then I don’t have to cut anything for another month. It’s awesome. However, I occasionally get a little nuts and have too much going on at once. I’m down to quilting the last few blocks on Reed’s Quilt, I’m halfway through a beautiful purple sock, I have the pieces cut for an apron going to my future sister-in-law, I’m finally down to embellishments on this odd project I’m calling “bloomers”, and I’m working on some curtains for the kitchen.


Those are just the projects I can think of off the top of my head. I’m sure there’s something lurking in the bottom of one of the project baskets.


So I thought it would be smart to go through my fabric and yarn stash during Ezra’s nap on Saturday and write down the projects I had planned. I don’t really stash fabric just because I like it- I generally have an idea of how I’m going to use it. So I have all this fabric earmarked for projects, and when it’s written down on paper and I consider how much time I actually have, I discovered that I have enough projects lined up to last me until 2012.




And the bigger problem? I have 29 links in my “Future Projects” folder. TWENTY-NINE. Four of them are quilts. So that takes me through 2014 at least.

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