Weekend Redux

Wow- I’m glad the weekend is over! Our grand plans to clean out the basement were kind of thwarted- we only got about half way through. Our dear friend Sarah gave birth to her first child Friday evening so after I got out of the recording session Saturday morning (that ran over by an hour!) we went straight to the hospital to visit Sarah and her new daughter Juniper.



My parents were also moving over the weekend and they called us because they discovered a few things of ours that we needed to take back (they are moving into a small duplex from their big 5 bedroom house). So we went to pick up several boxes and moved them into storage, then back to the house to finally start on the basement storage room. We managed to get about half way through- about 25 boxes went to storage (mostly books and baby items) and about 10 boxes to donate. Superman finally parted with some very old software, and we both were able to get rid of some of our childhood stuff that wasn’t worth keeping. We’re going to try to finish up over the next two weekends, but it’s going to be tricky since Superman is working both Saturdays.



The excellent things that came out of this? My parents needed to get rid of their bigger freezer so that came to us! I’m so glad to be able to take advantage of some sales now that I don’t have to worry as much about space.



Also I’m going to be putting in shelving in the basement storage room for all of the extra baskets, work and other activities for the boys that I don’t have room for while it’s not in use. I’m most excited about this extra storage space. The only things staying in basement storage are our Christmas boxes, my teaching materials for the studio (bulletin borders and things like that), and the clothes that Ezra has yet to grow into. I’m so glad to have this project started so I’ll have the extra room!

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