Seven Quick Takes



Farmer’s Market tomorrow! It’s the first morning of the year, and I’m excited to go. I think Ender will really enjoy the experience now that he’s a year older, and I hope it will be a good opportunity to talk with him more about how we get our food.


So is there a correlation between age and number of pages read at night? I swear I can only make it a page or two into any given book before I start falling asleep at night. Fiction, non-fiction, doesn’t matter. The other night I got into bed to read around 8:30 and don’t remember falling asleep. Superman tells me it was before 9:00.


Have you seen this beautiful Montessori space? I love this infant room! And while we’re looking at gorgeous Montessori inspired rooms, have a look at Jennifer’s Learning Room.


Superman has a rare day off tomorrow and our boys are going to be hanging out with their grandparents so we’re taking the kid-free opportunity to clean out the storage room in the basement. I know- we’re big party animals. I have to record in the morning so Superman is going to work on a school paper until I get home. Then it’s all about the cleaning, baby.


We visited with our pediatrician about Ezra’s speech (or lack thereof) on Tuesday last week and we’re delaying any intervention. I just don’t feel it’s necessary yet, and our doctor was willing to wait until he’s two before we pursue this further. Since the appointment Ezra added the word “No” to his vocabulary, and he’s making attempts at the word “cracker” so I think we’re fine.


So, I’ve had a few people ask me to post my recent knitting. I really would but there hasn’t been any. Crazy, right? My poor needles have been stuck 3 1/2 inches into the cuff of a sock for probably two months now. I’ve been mostly busy with Reed’s Quilt and some clothing for the boys in my limited crafting time, so knitting is on hold. I promise to get back to it soon!


Consider this a little hint at the quick weekend project I’m planning. It had a former life as a table cloth. It sooooo won’t be a table cloth when I’m done with it. It also may not go as plannes and may end up being a total wash, so we’ll see.

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1 Response to Seven Quick Takes

  1. Kerry says:

    Hi, there! I came here via Jen’s 7 quick takes. Just fyi – I’ve got a farmer’s market mr linky that i put up on Mondays. It’s so neat to read about what’s going on at other people’s farmer’s markets all across the country!

    If you blog about your farmer’s market trip (or what you do with the goodies you find), but sure to come by and submit your post!

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