We did our first work with graphing the yummy way- with M&Ms! I demonstrated how to make columns by color (we were working with Easter colors, so we had blue, green, pink, lavendar and yellow) and Ender did a great job sorting. He had a hard time with putting just one M&M per box, so that took a little bit of practice.


Ezra wanted to help too.

After Ender had formed the columns, we used another graphing chart to color in the same amount of boxes as M&Ms in each color.



The M N M at the bottom of the page was his idea. 🙂


And one last note. I swear we do make it out of our pajamas at some point during the morning. Superman pointed that out the other day- so many of the pictures I post here are from when the boys are still in their jammies. They do own clothing other than pajamas- I promise!

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