Summer plans?

Want to help me out?

I will be working a lot less over the summer so I have been making a list of things I’d like to do with the boys over the summer. You know- the things all kids should do in the summer? We have a few local day trips planned (like we’re going to visit the dairy we buy our milk from) but I’m trying to also to think of the little summer things like having picnics, playing with sidewalk chalk, making our own ice cream, looking for fireflies, and spending a lot of time in the water. The boys will be 3 1/2 and 2 over the summer, so we’re not quite old enough for things like lemonade stands.

Any ideas?

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One Response to Summer plans?

  1. Gardenbug says:

    I have fond memories of painting the sidewalk with water from a can and a wide paintbrush. I loved making my wet footprints and studying the arch of my foot. They evaporated so quickly! Fingerpainting outdoors is fun too.

    I loved my friend’s tiny tea set and pouring lemonade into minute cups to share. We enjoyed climbing trees and identifying flowers: tulip, iris, lily of the valley, roses, daisies and so on. Later on, an English teacher lamented that children can’t identify the most basic flowers any more.

    We did lots of outdoor stuff with our kids and taught them to identify birds, small animals, trees and walk quietly in the woods. We LOVED to pick berries in the wild (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries…). We went to an apple farm each Fall to pick quantities for baking. We also enjoyed gathering chestnuts from the trees in the Fall and counting them in various ways. We traced leaves and pressed them flat in books or ironed them also.

    We baked things, played with the hose and water pressure, took the subway to events, practiced catching and throwing a ball, etc

    I think a favorite activity was taking a large shovel with us when we camped. My son adored digging deep holes in the sand, making water channels, moats for sand castles, etc. We studied different kinds of clouds too.

    Tricycles and scooters were fun activities. There is also lots to be gained by singing together and knowing the words to songs. Fireside sing-alongs are fantastic. Even rhymes and poems are great to learn by heart. I love memory skills.

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