So . . . I made it to those new stores last Friday. There was a lot of hobbling and my sisters lent me their shoulders a few times to get up and down stairs, but the important thing is that there was shopping done. Good shopping.

The four pieces at the top of the picture are for Christmas stockings. Yes, I’m already planning for Christmas and I’m trying hard not to cast on any Christmas knitting until at least July. Okay- maybe June. Seriously- my Christmas handmades list is already ridiculously large and there is NO WAY I can get it all done. But the rule is that I don’t have to whittle the list down until Thanksgiving is staring me in the face.

The green and pink/red prettiness at the bottom is for aprons- one for my future sister-in-law who is joining the family in May and the other for myself since I seem to make aprons in pairs like that. Not sure why, but I do.

I also did well at the most amazing yarn shop, but I can’t share my stash- my mom took it! I intended to buy 5 skeins, 3 for a baby gift I need to knit this summer and 2 skeins of Claudia Handpainted yarn that I want for socks for myself. I went to the counter to buy it and my mom took over, told me it was my birthday gift and I could have the stash in June.  Actually it’s good- I have all kinds of sewing that needs to be done between now and early June and if I have that yarn hanging around I will cast on NOW. The sewing is of the “must-be-done” variety (pajamas for the boys, summer shorts, etc.) so I suppose it’s good that I not be tempted by yummy yarns.

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