Easter Bunny Baskets

I hope your Easter was great! We had a lot of rain here so we ended up hunting eggs inside. Ezra got the hang of the egg hunt pretty quickly, but once he realized that there was candy inside of some of the eggs he was done searching! Ender was determined to find the most eggs and even the mention of candy wouldn’t slow him down.

The Easter bunny brought us:

And inside Ezra’s basket:

And inside Ender’s basket:

The Easter bunny doesn’t bring very much candy to our house because he’s busy carrying it all to the grandparents!

I found the pattern for the bunny baskets at The Crafty Crow and altered it to be exactly the size I wanted. I used not quite 2 fat quarters per bunny basket, though you could also line the baskets with muslin. This is also the first embroidery I’ve ever done. It’s not the most wonderful looking thing in the world, but I liked it well enough to learn to do more.

The little froggy in Ezra’s basket is a pattern from the purlbee.com What a super fast project- maybe 30 minutes from cut to finish stuffing? It took longest to get the stuffing all the way into the bottom of the feet. The pattern calls for lentils or other bean bag type material, but we have a lot of bean bag type toys around here so I opted for stuffing.

I hope you all had a happy Easter!

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