Down for the Count

And I was so good today. I caught up on laundry in between students (which is a big deal since Wednesday is my full day in the studio), got everything vacuumed, sorted out summer clothes for the boys . . .

All I had to do was put away all that folded laundry (which was all sorted out into piles on my bed), but I thought I’d get the boys into bed first so I could put away laundry and watch American Idol at the same time- I’d be all efficient and stuff. I had changed Ezra into his pajama and was helping Ender when Ezra climbed up onto the rocking chair and promptly jumped off. All 28 pounds, straight onto my kneecap.

So, um, I may have cried a little, which kind of scared Ender, but I think he’s okay- I don’t think I’ve ever been hurt in front of him before. Ezra rubbed my cheek and patted me- it was so sweet. I couldn’t move my leg at all, and my husband was still at work (45 minutes away, no less!) so one quick call and my parents came. Ender was so brave about going to the door to unlock it and let them in, even though the hallway was dark, and he went to get the “boo-boo pack” for my knee. What a sweetie!

I imagine it will be pretty ugly in the morning- it’s not so good right now. I’m not trying out any walking until tomorrow, but Superman is home to work on term papers, so he’ll be here if I’m useless. I still have to teach tomorrow since it’s the week before the recital. I’ll just try to keep it propped up and stay sitting, which is harder than it sounds.

And the truly disappointing part? I’m supposed to go see a new fabric shop on Friday that is next to a new-to-me awesome yarn shop with my mom and my sister- I have to be able to walk by Friday morning!

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2 Responses to Down for the Count

  1. Sree says:

    Hi Erin
    How’s your knee now ? I hope you are feeling better.
    Ender sounds like a brave boy.
    Take care

  2. violingirl says:

    Thanks so much for asking! My knee is mostly better- It’s great in the morning and as long as I’m not doing a ton of steps or twisting on it I don’t even notice that it’s sore. It does start to swell by lunchtime- I’m sitting with an ice pack on it now. Hopefully it will be all the way better in a few days.

    Ender was really brave. He’s generally pretty reserved and cautious so it really was scary for him.

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