1. I drank way too much coffee, but I only had 5 hours of sleep, so  that justified the over-indulgence in my mind.

2. Because of said sleeplessness, we did *nothing* yesterday morning- no laundry, no school- nothing but meeting immediate needs until we finally HAD to get dressed so that I could work and the boys could have an afternoon with their grandmother.

3. I realized yesterday just how much Ender has changed in the last few weeks. He’s starting to look like a 4 year old, even though his birthday is 6 months away. His 3T pants are just a tad too short, he’s outgrown his tennis shoes, and he’s passed on a few of  his old favorite toys to his brother. He’s certainly growing up.

4. When Ender came downstairs yesterday morning Ezra practically mugged him. That’s the scene every morning- Ezra is up around 6 and Ender often doesn’t wake until after 8. Ezra cannot wait until his brother comes downstairs each morning. Ender doesn’t wake easily (wonder where he gets that from?) so he hangs out on the couch for the first half hour or so in the mornings. Yesterday Ezra very gently climbed onto the couch with him, scooted as close as physically possible and laid his head on Ender’s shoulder. Above everyone else Ezra loves his bubba.

5. Lesson learned yesterday: black sharpie is a lot easier to remove from white piano keys than it is to remove from a certain toddler. His belly will be covered in black scribbles for at least a week.

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