Seven Quick Takes


“Project Edition”


So around here we say Mama has “projects”. Not Mama sews or knits or writes or anything like that- Mama has a “project”. I suppose that particular word is a little more universal, a little easier for my kids to manage instead of trying to figure out exactly which craft I’m working at.

Ender is starting to ask for his own “projects” so I put together a box of random things for him- yarn, ribbon, fabric scraps, bottle tops, paper, etc. I’m interested to see where he goes with it. Ender is calling it the Making Box, so I’m pretty sure that’s the official name now.


I’m working on an Easter gift for the boys- A crayon pouch inspired by this tutorial. I’m trying to sort out a way to fold it in half, one side with a steno pad and the other to hold crayons or markers. Math is not my friend, so it’s going to take me awhile to plan it all out.


Plans for this weekend include a few more of these crate covers. I was gifted with several file crates of curriculum that my mom used at her last Montessori school before she retired along with many of her materials. I’m tired of looking at the plastic crates, plus I have this really yummy Anna Maria Horner fabric that I *must* use. Here’s the first:


I bought several skirts the other day at the thrift store- at 50 cents a piece how could I pass them up?  I think I’ll be making bags out of all three.


I think I might pretend I’m adventurous and not buy shorts for the boys this summer- dare I make them myself? Ezra has plenty of hand-me-downs from Ender that are in great shape, but Ender is in this awkward “need the length of a 4T but the waist of a 2T” situation. If this doesn’t happen in the next 6 weeks it ain’t gonna happen, but I do have a ton of denim hanging out around here that should get used somehow.


And the project I’ve been putting off . . . My house needs curtains. We have owned this house for 7 years and the only room in the house with curtains is Ezra’s room. Everywhere else has el cheapo plastic blinds. I have the fabric and they won’t be hard to do, I just need to do it. I’m so lazy about “non-creative” crafting- the stuff that kind of just needs to be done. Hemming? Not so much. Ripping apart clothes to make other experimental clothes? Hurray!

Curtains that really need to be done? The 1 kitchen window, the front door, and Ender’s room. The master bedroom windows have some funky sheers that I need to think about before I cut into those.


I’m planning an apron for Tie One On this month! I’ve started a bit of cutting, and I’m using scraps from old projects since the theme of the month is to spend nothing on the apron. I love this theme! We’ll see how it actually turns out- sometimes my ideas run amok.

And to finish the post off with something pretty- this is a pic I took back in January on one of those bizarre 60+ degree days we had-  cute boys with Daddy hiding behind them!

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One Response to Seven Quick Takes

  1. Erin says:

    I’d love to hear about what else your mum gifted you with from the Montessori school?;)

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