My first sign that Big Kid is sick? He asks for a nap.

My first sign that Little Bit is sick? He falls asleep while playing.

The first sign the grown ups are sick? You don’t even want to know.

We’re sick here, of the gross variety. Superman and Little Bit have the congestion, cough and runny nose, I have this really fun GI thing, and poor Big Kid has both. We all spent the weekend laying around (except for Little Bit, who has the continuous energy of a hummingbird even when ill) and no one is any better today. I canceled my teaching day but Superman started a new trainee today so he had to go in at least for a half day.

Trying to care for the children while sick yourself? So not cool. Big Kid is pretty miserable and hanging out on the couch watching t.v., but Little Bit is still running around like his usual self, although he is whining a lot while he plays, and complaining a lot about having his nose wiped. You would think he wouldn’t have the energy to scale the bookcase today, but apparently that kind of energy just stays with you. If he ever lays around on the couch I’m sure it will signal an ER visit.

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One Response to Yuck

  1. Gardenbug says:

    I hope things are getting better for you now!!! It’s a tough time of year for everyone.

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