Beyond Homemaking Daybook

Weather: Is it spring yet? We have been frozen for ages and I’m miserable- Superman and I actually had a somewhat serious conversation a few days ago about moving somewhere further south just to have warmer weather! Yesterday we had a little hint toward spring with a push into the upper 50’s!


This Week: I’m finishing up interviews for students who are hoping to join the studio next fall in addition to my usual teaching schedule. I’m desperately hoping that Little Bit will change his mind on this sleep thing and start sleeping through the night again.


Current Fiction Read: Inkheart by Cornelia Funke


Current Non-Fiction Read: Bountiful Container by McGee and Stuckey.


Craftiness: I was given a few skeins of cotton in a variety of bright colors, so I’m knitting some new dishcloths in the evenings until I find a bit of time to buy yarn for more socks. Yes. I’m addicted to the sock making.


Learning at home: I sorted through our puzzles yesterday and I put two big floor puzzles out that we don’t have available to the boys all the time. One is a rectangle shaped ocean scene and the other is a firetruck shape. The pieces of both puzzles are very thick and large, so they are perfect for young hands. For Little Bit I put the puzzle together except for 2 or 3 pieces then help him learn to turn the pieces in order to find the right fit. As he gets better at this I’ll leave more and more pieces out.


Big Kid is learning about time and money words this week. He knows penny and quarter, so we’re working on identifying dimes and nickles. He has a little piggy bank with an easy opening on the bottom to dump the coins. We’re going to work on sorting the coins into piles by quarter, dime, nickle and penny, and we will also do some patterning to help him remember the difference between the dimes and nickles. This is an activity we will use only when Little Bit is in bed because he still puts a lot of things in his mouth.

Big Kid is also working on time words this week. He is always pointing to the digital clock on Superman’s side of the bed and saying the numbers in order to tell me the time. It has been good for him to work on the vocabulary for numbers over 20, so we’re going to continue to talk about what time it is this week.


New Work: The money work listed above is new, and I’ve also cut strips of paper to use for cutting. It isn’t new to us, but we haven’t really worked on cutting in the last several week so Big Kid will feel like it is new!


In Other News . . .  I’ll be done with my 30 day declutter this week! The house feels so much lighter now that some things have been moved out of here. I’ve been finding new homes for the things that have needed homes, and I’m happy to have my counter space back in my kitchen.

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