Since I’m still waiting to post pictures, here are some ideas I’ve come across lately that we will be pursuing soon. I hope you find something that works for you too!



Have you seen Dawn’s Year-at-a-Glance Bulletin Board Idea? It makes for great memories AND it’s low maintenance!



Here is a great Montessori activity posted over at Chasing Cheerios: Color Box 3 on the cheap! Using the paint chip cards you can find for free at your local paint store you can create your own shade matching activity!



This is an excellent drawing activity we will be trying later in the week- Drawing Fruit From Real Life. I’m not sure what Big Kid will think of it at first, but it will be great practice for starting our nature journals this spring.



Here is an old post from Elizabeth Foss that I’m using to help plan the garden unit study we’ll be doing in late February/early March.



I’m thinking about knitting these next. I’m always cold while I practice piano so I think these might be a good solution.


Anyone else have fun links to share? Post in comments!

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One Response to Linkage

  1. Gardenbug says:

    I picked up a knitting magazine because it had hand puppets to make. I really like the idea of making these for baby #2 and hope I find the time and money for materials. I would embroider on the eyes instead of using buttons which scare me….

    When DS was an infant he was moody when he awoke from naps. We found that puppets peeking through the doorway made him giggle.

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