Beyond Homemaking Daybook

Weather: We’re expecting snow later this afternoon and on into tomorrow. I’ll be interested to see how much we actually get this time- the last few snows our forecasters have been quite off.


This Week: I have a somewhat extended work week this week. I’m interviewing families from my waiting list  for the empy time slots that will be available next year as students move away or graduate. So I’ll be in the studio on Friday this week (my usual day off) conducting interviews. Superman is also moving back to a  6 day work week this week for the next month during their busy season in addition to his school schedule, so this is going to be a tough month.


Current Fiction Read: Change of Plans; Instead of Girl of the Lumberlost I’m reading Inkheart. Superman read it when it first came out and loved it; now he wants to see the movie. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like to see the movie until I’ve read the book, so I moved it to the front of the pile so we will hopefully be able to see the movie in the next few weeks.


Current Non-Fiction Read: MaryJanes’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook by MaryJane Butters.


Craftiness: I’m down to grafting the toe on my second pair of socks (sock #1 of the pair). I started them Saturday night during a movie evening with Superman and they’ve been incredibly fast this time- now that I know what I’m doing of course!  

Reed’s Quilt is going to the woman with the machine quilter on Friday! (Pics to come shortly)


Learning at home: I made a little spot on the shelf for some worksheets for Big Kid. I pull out three or four each day and put them on a clipboard for him. If he chooses to work on them we work together. These little worksheets are a collection of things from my days as a preschool teacher and pages from Kumon workbooks. I didn’t think he would be so interested in having papers to do, but he really likes them and has been choosing them every day since I put them out last week. I’m curious about how long it will last.

For Ezra I put out  a sheet with some large stickers and a plain piece of construction paper. He’s learning to peel the stickers off the sheet and stick them to the paper. This keeps him really busy!


New Work: Dishwashing for both boys and a tray of rice for scooping and pouring,


In Other News . . .  The delivery date for my computer is supposed to be today, but the track package feature shows that it is still several states away from here. So unless a scan was missed along the way I don’t think it will be here today. My new printer was shipped today, so hopefully it will be here by the end of the week. Oh yeah- I didn’t tell you about that did I? First my palm pilot died, then my phone, then my printer, THEN my computer! All within 6 weeks. I’m starting to wonder if my body is a magnet that destroys any electronics that I touch.

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