Seven Quick Takes


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—  1 —

Wow, the holidays really take it out of me! Last night was our last big hurrah with my sister who is currently on her way back to school in New York. Thank goodness the last party is done with! The boys have been staying up later than usual, Big Kid has been napping less often in favor of staying up to see visiting aunts and uncles, and the amount of sugar they’ve consumed in the last 2 weeks is probably more than they’ve had all year! We’re definitely feeling the effects of all that. I’m eager to get everyone back to regular nap schedules and meals.


— 2 —

The Christmas tree is still up. I’m not counting it as terrible since there was one year that our tree was still up on our anniversary. In March.


— 3 —

I’m trying to sort out some information on container gardening for this spring, but I am totally lost on which information is actually useful and I’m starting to get really overwhelmed and thinking I absolutely cannot do this. We don’t own land to put any kind of garden in but we have our deck to garden on for food as long as we can do that in containers. In front of our home we can plant flowers, but I’m not so worried about that.


— 4 —

I have eaten way too much candy and had far too much soda over the holidays and my body is letting me know it. I am really tired even after plenty of sleep and I just feel bleh. I need to get back in the habit of drinking mostly water again and get the rest of this candy out of the house OR I WILL EAT IT ALL!


— 5 —

I am not eager to return to work next week. This is the first time I’ve felt like this. Usually after a longer break like this I’m ready to get back into things, but this time I want to continue on how we’ve been- lots of cooking and baking, playing a lot of games, and keeping the house clean. I’ve been looking into a career shift for awhile, something that will allow me to work while the boys are in bed rather than during a lot of their prime waking hours.  I’m really hoping that we will get closer to that this year.


— 6 —

Superman was released from physical therapy on Tuesday and returned fully to work on Wednesday (just in time for the holiday yesterday!). Dealing with the worker’s comp people has actually been a really good experience.


— 7 —

I’ve been knitting my first sock over the holidays! Everytime we went somewhere where we’d be sitting and talking with family I took the sock and it’s almost done. I’m so excited since this is why I started knitting in the first place. I’ve been using Silver’s Sock Class and it has been great to follow. I especially appreciate the pictures throughout the tutorial.

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4 Responses to Seven Quick Takes

  1. Charlotte says:


    We tried container gardening the first time this past summer. Suceess: Tomatoes, lettuce (the kind that regrows each time you cut it), and small-ish size green peppers. Failure: Peas and eggplants.

    Observations: Some vegetables just need to be in the ground, rather than a container, to grow into the size they need to be. This is especially pertinent to eggplants. Wasn’t worth it to get a dozen pickle-sized eggplants. They need growing/spreading room. I’d also apply this same observation to green peppers, which would have been bigger if they had been planted in the ground. (Alternately, I would have planted them in containers double or triple their size next time.)

    I, too, consulted books before I started the container gardens. The books said practically ALL veges can be grown successfully in containers. Grow – yes. To size or at all – no. My advice is to start with what the books say are FOOLPROOF and build from there.

    For us, it may just be that next spring, we will plant only tomatoes. We were STILL eating tomatoes from our containers in December. We picked all the green ones at the end of October before he first frost and wrapped them in newspaper to ripen. Thus, we had fresh tomatoes from mid-August to the beginning of December, 3 1/2 moths. Well worth the cost.

  2. I am a project-person addicted to the learning curve, and the first completion of a new project always feels like delicious validation of the craziness of beginning something new.

    Congrats on the sock!

  3. Gardenbug says:

    You might enjoy this forum for help in the garden:

    I enjoy this fast paced group, which moves quickly. We have become GOOD friends over the years, living through life altering moments while gardening. Container gardening is a big deal to many of these people. Some are afraid to jump in, but no one should be. What a delightful group!!! Come join us when you can! We are the “Idylls” and are now on our 418th thread…each having 100 entries!

    I passed the perfectionist gene on to my son. At first it prevented him from being able to write because nothing was good enough. Thank goodness for DH’s genes adding to the mix!

  4. Daleen says:

    I have had a “salad” container garden for the last three years. A friend gave me 4 big plastic tubs, about the size of half barrels. I drilled drainage holes in the bottom, put in a layer of rocks and filled them about 2/3 full of good dirt, compost, and a slow release fertilizer. I have successfully grown lettuce, spinach, cabbage, radishes, tomatoes, and carrots. I’m not much of a gardener, but I’m a good water-er!

    I did find that I had to put wire cages over the tubs until the plants filled in to keep the cat out. There’s also an art to figuring out what plants fit best together to make the most use of space and staggering planting times so that you can keep harvesting all summer. But I say go for it!

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