What Were You and What Will You Be?

I’ve been reading Ask Moxie ever since Big Kid was born. The advice over there is so level-headed and reasonable, and not just in the posts. The comments are wise, witty and generally non-judgemental.

Moxie put up a post yesterday about releasing the ideas you hold about yourself that are holding you back. We all think these things and they cripple us and keep us from pursuing our desires. In response to this I wrote: “I’m leaving behind the idea that I’m a researcher and not a do-er. I end up doing very little that I plan because I’m so worried about being perfect. I need to stop researching and just do it.”

I worry constantly that I’m not doing the very best of everything for my kids and my husband, and it’s time that I make peace with the fact that I’m human. I will be imperfect and it won’t scar anyone for life.

Moxie followed up with a lovely post today– What are you? What is the truth about yourself that you will live this year?

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