Bloggy Thankfulness

I Thought I’d share a few blogs that I read regularly. These have been so helpful to me in my journey to figure out how to best educate the boys and I appreciate them so much!

In the Heart of my Home is written by Elizabeth Foss. I love her writing, her honesty in sharing about their family (how things don’t always run smoothly) and her posts about religious life in their home. Doesn’t hurt that her children are so adorable!

Chasing Cheerios is written by Melissa and I love all the ideas she shares! Her toddler ideas have been so incredibly helpful as I try to find things for my 16-month-old to do. She is so creative in providing a Montessori environment.

Dawn writes By Sun and Candlelight and I love her posts about nature and lesson planning. I could spend a year in her archives.

Kara over at Rockin’ Granola is practically me. She has this nice mix of earthy and mainstream that is the same way we try to live. Frugal, healthy and fun. We’e also in the same stage of life with little ones (she’s just a little ahead of me!) and that makes for nice companionship.

Three Plus Two is written by Angela. I look forward to her posts so much. I grew up in a large family (larger than hers even) and her posts remind me of my homeschooling experiences as an elementary kid.  

Thank you, ladies, for sharing a part of your lives with us. You have helped to shape my thoughts and opinions on educating my kids.

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